Accuphase world leader in hi end stereo amplifiers made in Japan with a history of highest reliablity and performance

Accuphase is a life ambition of a few engineers who felt called upon to create something else, something from audiophiles to audiophiles, something absolutely ‘high end’ of which the visible part is only what the eye sees, of this vision that has been realized.

When the Nakaichi and Jiro Kasuga brothers started their own production in 1972, the time was ripe to launch something very innovative, where the audiophile logic was evident.

The Kasuga brothers left Trio-Kenwood (which they had created 25 years before) to start the Kensonic Laboratories in Tokyo.

Together with a number of selected specialists, they introduced their plan to produce audio products under the brand name Accuphase with the mission to profile themselves with Accuphase in the top audio segment where the name Accuphase would become synonymous with the best in audio equipment, the Accuphase name was not just chosen, but to reflect ‘Accu’ of accurate and ‘phase’ of correct phase, a ‘must’ in the hi-fi display in a series of top products, and the time was ripe for the 70s’ with in Japan a trend to start mass production with the accompanying compromises in production quality, that made a contradictory idea to make only selected products in small numbers, with a ‘premium’ quality set as the foundation … the right one !!

Fast forward 2020 ..50 years later, yes half a century !! Accuphase is recognized worldwide for its quality and is a synonym of reliability, reliability and top musicality, without compromising on the (unnecessary) trends of the rest of the audio world, they are still building in their factory in Yokohama where they moved to in 1973 , their small but oh so fine palette of excellent products, by hand and in relatively small numbers of “Accuphase” products ‘made in Japan!’ with pride ..! while most Denon’s, Onkyos and other Pioneer’s have long been .. made in China ..😏. You get the picture ..

Enrich life through technology is the motto of Accuphase, and that is just one of the requirements that the Kasuga brothers 50 years ago during the founding of their firm (then Kensonic, in 1982 this name was dropped because of Accuphase there which already enjoyed world renown ..) imposed on the management; a dozen commandments, which are still the guiding principle of Accuphase..this to avoid ever being tempted to come to a mass production or to make products (eg loudspeakers, record players, etc.) that are outside the competences, specific to the company and where it is only about more business, read turnover ..

Another point where the management of Accuphase differs from most is loyalty to their distributors, for example the importer of Accuphase in Germany. PIA hifi has been around for more than 40 years and with us Hifine under the enthusiastic leadership of our Paul Hattinck, who with us (Alpha) represents the Accuphase brand for over 30 years … il faut le faire, they say in French .. And this faithfulness is mutual Paul is the perfect ambassador and his love for the brand is contagious!

At the shows, Paul also shows his musical knowledge and likes to play guitar for the music-loving audience who now also have Accuphase in their hearts, many of whom started with the smallest integrated amplifiers of the 200 series, in the meantime already having a front & end set whether or not class A switched ..!

The CD and Sacd players are fixed values ​​in a world of “stripes” and the true enthusiast who cherishes his collection of silver discs is extremely happy with that! And they rightly never disappoint.

And no Accuphase does not participate in this “strieming” trend .. just you can get an excellent Dac for your streamer at Accuphase the widely acclaimed DC37!

The products of Accuphase are undergoing a very slow evolution, some will last up to 7 years before a new model is introduced, which can often only be recognized by those in the know. The differences in appearance are so subtle. no replacement!

Technologies such as MDS + in which different parallel D / A conversions take place, to achieve the best results at CD & Sacd, as well as the AAVA, Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplification applied in their pre and integrated vesters for a very low threshold ‘noise’ and a precise to get coordination, which they developed with a large cost picture and constantly refine ..

In 2020 this company celebrates their 50th anniversary and they developed a top product for this, some in their half-century production the E800, an integrated Klas A amplifier with 50 watts. plural promise … but for the sake of clarity they are 50 Accuphase, class A ‘Watts’ … and yes, many have already been surprised by that.


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