The Canton Vento Reference 7’s are 3-way, bass-reflex floorstanders employing two 7” aluminum woofers, one 7” aluminum midrange, and one 1” aluminum-manganese tweeter. They stand 41.3” high, 8.9” wide and 13.2” deep and weigh a tad over 65 pounds each. Nominal impedance ranges from 4 to 8 ohms. It’s not super efficient, but puts out a very respectable SPL of 88.5 (at 1 watt, at 1 meter).

The speaker cabinet itself is a 3-chamber, “sandwich” design and features what Canton describes as a multi-curved wave shape. The cabinet is made of layers of wood and said to be extremely rigid, and it sure feels like that. It incorporates what Canton calls “Displacement Control technology” (DC).

The Canton DC technology employs a proprietary high-pass filter to prevent infrasonic signals (those below the audible frequency range) from affecting the bass driver. Infrasonic signals can generate harmonic distortion in the audible lower bass range and cause a loss of bass articulation. Canton claims that DC technology allows the speakers to provide clear, linear bass reproduction at much lower frequencies than could otherwise be attained.

The speaker can be biamped or biwired by removing the gold jumpers from between the bass and midrange/tweeter terminals.

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