The Cyrus CDi is an impressive CD player featuring their award-winning Servo Evolution CD technology and is billed as their best-sounding CD player ever. Cyrus is globally renowned for the quality of their CD players, and the detail they extract from Compact Discs. This is down to the Servo Evolution disc reading engine.
High-Quality Design
As always, Cyrus has focused on high-quality components – with everything from the power stage to the analogue output components designed to offer the highest quality sound. The CDi will deliver a wide and holographic soundstage, capable of filling any room with detailed and dynamic sound – illuminating details which have previously gone unnoticed.
Next Gen Components
The CDi uses the same components as the CD XT Signature, which includes their latest generation LED disc loader. By using technologies and components from their high-end models, Cyrus has ensured that their lower specification products are comfortably able to outperform competitors in the same price bracket.
32-Bit D/A Convertor
The CDi features a 32bit DAC, enabling the most complex loads into full analogue output. Yet another reason that Cyrus considers the CDi their best sounding CD player ever. Cyrus has provides a host of upgrade options to augment and improve the performance of the CDi. By adding a PSX-R, a cleaner power supply can be provided. Streaming and amplification options are also available.
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