The Cyrus Stream X Signature is Cyrus’ flagship streaming music player which has been precision engineered to deliver the best possible sound quality and to be compatible with all the latest high-resolution download formats.

The Cyrus Stream X has gone through various model variants to the current model Stream X Signature, which admittedly has been available for some time. It’s an upgrade on the Stream X2 model, having a modified power supply and being heavier with a bigger toroidal transformer which acts as balast. This apparently helps mitigate against resonances which can have detrimental effects on quartz clocks in DACs.

Cyrus dispensed with the rather fiddly n-remote which had problems scrolling through music and blanking once every so often, particularly with long classical music track names. If it can’t be done better on a tablet, perhaps don’t do it at all! The backplate n-remote aerial remains on older Stream X2s that are upgraded to Signature specification through the upgrade path. However the aerial is no longer present on new Stream X Signature models given its redundancy.

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