HECO Aleva GT 1002 Floor standing speakers

Impressive by height loudspeakers differ by powerful thick-walled bodies made of massive MDF plates with internal ties and rib stiffeners. Configuration of the drivers in HECO Aleva GT 1002 is not usual: on the powerful faceplate there are MF and HF drivers, and woofer is mounted on the side wall. By caliber (10 inches) it is comparable with a subwoofer, which expanded the lower border up to 23 Hz. The diameter of midrange drivers is standard, 13 cm (5.25″), but the tweeter’s dome is slightly bigger than usual – 28 mm (1.1″). Its frequency range due to the special coating and powerful magnet extends to 44 kHz, guaranteeing pure sound in the audible range. In crossover filter, assembled from the components of highest quality, there are a phase-equalizing chain and the possibility to change level of the tweeter (Linear and +2 dB).

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with side-firing bass driver

HECO´s Aleva GT 1002 is the flagship model in the Aleva GT series. Besides its extremely low-resonance and acoustically optimised front panel, the speaker also features a clear and consistent design. An elegant high-gloss piano finish, which is optionally available in white or black, has been applied to the housing over several stages. All of the chassis have been completely redeveloped and optimised using the latest computer software. The heavy-duty 250 mm woofer in the side panel ensures an impressive performance in the bass range. The 28 mm dome tweeter has also been redesigned and acoustically attuned to the housing in accordance with state-of-the-art developments.

Even in Linear mode the sound of HECO Aleva GT 1002 loudspeakers is characterized by slightly lightened tonal balance. Despite of this, big part of the band is presented brightly and with the highest sound resolution, but a bit light-weighty. For example, sometimes grand piano is as if deprived of base and voices aims to go half-tone higher. We cannot not to mention a perfect work at low frequencies, where you can see the structured, fast bass with a decent depth. Bodies’ side-tones are absolutely absent and resonances of the bass-reflex are not noticeable at all even at ear-splitting volume. Dynamical potential of the systems is almost inexhaustible and more than sufficient for living spaces. Sound stage is three-dimensional, disorder in the positioning of imaginary sources is not observed.

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