Wireworld Stream RCA Interconnect 1M Pair

This highly flexible 25-gauge cable utilize Wireworld’s patented DNA HELIX conductor geometry with 100% shielding and proprietary COMPOSILEX 3 insulation to improve the fidelity of consumer and professional audio systems. These advanced design features were developed through listening tests that compared prototype cables to virtually loss-free direct connections between components.

Specifications of the Wireworld Stream RCA Interconnect 1M Pair

  • DESIGN  DNA Helix®
  • SIGNAL CONDUCTORS  Qty: 2 (8 strands)    Gauge: 25AWG |  0.16 sq. mm
  • CONDUCTOR MATERIAL  Oxygen-Free Copper
  • INSULATION  Composilex 3
  • PLUG CONTACTS  24K Gold-plated  (RCA to RCA)
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